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The Problem with Anxiety

The Problem with Anxiety  2017 (pencil, watercolor, photoshop)
I thought of this piece that made a while back, but realized that I hadn’t yet written about the story behind it.
As I pulled it up from my Google photos, I saw that it was appropriately made 2 months after we had had our 4th child. No wonder I was feeling the weight of anxiety!
I don’t particularly remember what was going on, but I remember one weekend morning I was feeling foggy in my brain, and my thoughts were racing around. I didn’t feel right in my head. I couldn’t tell if it was the non-stop noise that is in my house, or if I was tired, of the hundreds of tasks or what. But I kept trying to figure it all out.
This wasn’t an unfamiliar pattern- me juggling the many tasks that motherhood demands, the responsibility of homeschooling, all on the vapors of a few hours of intermittent sleep every night, and then crashing and burning out in a dizzy wave of anxiety.
But the last year God had been showing me how sitting down …

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