How to Save Money, Improve Your Health, and Love the Environment

Here are some easy ways to save money, feel great and preserve the environment during your daily routine. Get ready to get your Rub a Dub Dub on! and put some cashola in your wallet. 

boars hair brush
2 qt bowl
Grapeseed, Sunflower or Almond Oil

One of my philosophies regarding healthy living is that everybody wins- many areas in our lives and others’ live have much to gain from healthy habits. This article will focus on how you can not only save money, but improve your health and wellness and manage environmental resources wisely. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to swing to the left, or stop taking showers, or become a tree hugging hippie.

Most Americans take showers daily. Upon researching this topic for several minutes, I could not find where the daily bathing routine was picked up. Perhaps just a cultural inability to accept body odor. In ancient times, bathing was more of a social and leisure activity than a hygenic one.
 So everyday, we turn the shower head (or bath faucet) on and do our thing...and pour money down the drain. The US Geological Survey states that average water output is 2.5 Gallons per minute for a shower. So a 2 minute shower is 5 gallons.....4 minute shower, 10 get the point.
 On an environmental level, this is very irresponsible. Some say we are having a international water crisis, some say that’s nonsense. Either way, I don’t advocate running around yelling that the sky is falling and that saving the earth is mankind’s number one priority. But I do believe that as humans we have a responsibility to use our resources wisely, and that it is not as hard as some make it out to be. We can complain about ‘the man’, and Congress, and the oil tycoons and other world problems, but we must remember that we are accountable to what IS in our hands. You can make a difference, AND reap several benefits. Here is how to do it one shower at a time:

  1. Dry brushing- This is a form of exfoliating, but it also increases circulation to your skin. The benefits of this are: glowing skin, removal of waste via the lymphatic system, feeling more alert, and SAVING MONEY due to not having to turn the water on so hot. It obviously takes energy to heat water, but with the increased circulation to your skin prior to a shower, your body perceives the water being hotter than it actually is. 

How: Buy a Boar’s Hair brush, or a dry sea sponge. Before your shower, use the bristols  or the sponge to gently but quickly brush your skin towards the center of your body. Start with your feet, moving up to the thighs. Then your hands. And then your back and glutes, and lastly your abdomen.

2. Bowl Shower- Here is the challenging part. Can you turn the water off while you shower? If you can fill the bowl up with hot water, and do a standing shower, you will be saving 140 gallons of water a week for an 8 minute shower. Think about it. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to this everyday, but only half the week. You are still saving a lot of money.
Not there yet? do a hot/cold shower. You will still be saving the energy to heat the water half the time, and you will be improving your circulation and overall wellbeing.

3. Self Massage w/Grapeseed oil- This doesn’t have a lot to do with water or money, but feeling awesome after your shower. Grapeseed oil is much cheaper and thinner than other body oils, and can be found at almost any supermarket. Use a few tablespoons and give yourself a quick circulatory massage after your shower.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Please post a comment on your thoughts and/or if you change any of your routines and how it goes. Also, if you enjoy this blog and know of any people who would like it, please share my blog with them :)


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