Beet Greens Coconut Pesto

I was hankering for some pesto, so I rummaged through my fridge and found a few bunches of organic beets. I usually reserve these messy roots for juicing and cleansing,

 but the greens were the only greens I could include in my pesto. And I use Coconut Oil for almost all of my baking and cooking, so I rarely have olive oil on hand. So I made it, put it on toast, and it was amazing!

* 3 cups beet greens
* 2 cloves raw garlic
* 1/2 cup Coconut Oil
* 1 Tbsp Basil (fresh is best, but dried will do)

Lightly steam the beet greens for about 5 minutes total (that includes turning off the burner and letting it sit there). Please please don't boil your veggies! They lose much of the nutrients in the water; steaming helps reduce this, and preserves some of the enzymes.

Melt your coconut oil. I prefer to use a small Ball glass and place it on the coffee burner. This way you don't have any extra dishes, since you will be using it to store your pesto. 

Combine all ingredients into a glass blender.  Don't use plastic with hot foods. Very naughty. You may need to shift the ingredients around once you stop the blender. Also remember that if there are any ingredients that are colder than room temp, your contents may solidify.

And you are done! I prefer my pesto on sourdough toast, with a little garlic salt, but using it as a dressing on anything like lentils or pasta. When you are done, you can dump it all back in your little Ball container!


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