My Fave Video Series for Preschoolers

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite educational videos.

Before I had children, my Youtube time consisted of watching Monorail Cat, and other entertaining videos like Alabama Leprechan. 

When I realized the power of sitting your child in front of a computer screen, I was thrilled. I am not a TV watching kind of person (not only for the immoral content, but I do not think it is good for children’s brains before a certain age), but finding something that would completely engross my 2 year old daughter with was amazing; I knew that I could get a load of laundry or dishes done without interruption.

It didn’t take me long to recognize how many children’s songs/videos were mostly for entertainment; bright colors, loud music, and cute looking characters bouncing all over the screen. After watching these videos over and over, I not only became annoyed, but a little concerned that my daughter was being mentally stimulated in an unhealthy way.

So when I came across some of the following videos, I really liked them. One of the first things I noticed was that Shawn the Train was quiet; there are moments where there is no noise at all. I think this teaches kids how to focus, not to mention it’s nice to have silence in the home. I also noticed that there is repetition within the videos, saying the colors or shapes multiple times. And some of the videos are at least 10 minutes long, which I think helps kids learn to sit still for an ‘extended’ amount of time. These are all cartoons; children have a difficult time distinguishing between reality and fantasy, so real-life videos may be frightening or confusing to young children. Use discretion.

  1. Shawn the Train (Coilbook)- covers colors, numbers, shapes and more. There are no songs or music, just narration by a child’s voice.
  2. Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew (Peach Blossom Media)This series covers the Alphabet. COnsistent themes are certain phrases, repeat characters, and a nursery rhyme in every episode.  
  3. The World of Peter Rabbit- This series was created in the early 90’s. With the exception of a short intro and conclusion, it is all delightful water-paint cartoon that follows Beatrix Potter’s illustrations almost to a tee. this is not educational in the school sense, but it gives you a platform to teach your children good character. One thing I like about this particular series is that the episodes are 25 minutes long WITHOUT commercials, and there are books to go along with it. You may want to screen some/all of the episodes, seeing that Beatrix Potter was a turn of the century Brit, and Victorian children’s stories are not as self-esteem focused, but more focused on building character.
  4. Crawford the Cat- these 5 minute episodes cover various topics such as hand washing, table manners, including others, and cleaning up your messes. I really like how Crawford and the other characters are over-the-top goody two shoes- you do not have to spend much time explaining ‘bad’ characters. I don’t think there is anything wrong with shows that have ‘bad’ characters; in fact, it gives you a platform to teach your children about that. It is just that sometimes it is nice to have some videos where you don’t need to put that extra effort in.
  5. StoryBots- these 2 minute episodes feature 1 letter of the alphabet in a catchy and fun song. There are other categories, such as colors and dinosaurs, but I have not previewed these. This is a series that is great for an energetic time of day, or days where you won’t mind songs being sung over and over.

I hope you enjoy using these videos for you toddlers/preschoolers! Please comment and share with other moms!


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