4 Tips for Healthy Skin

Saggy skin is usually considered an aesthetic or even shallow desire. I don't want to approach this topic as supporting the idea that saggy skin is ugly or shameful, or that we should pursue this as a health goal, but more as one of the rewards of treating our bodies kindly. We shouldn't be so ashamed of the way God made our bodies; skin WILL lose its elasticity over time and sag.  Don't misunderstand me- I am not talking about a magical remedy to return your skin to your early 20's. We are talking about what specific practices that are healthy, and the bi-product being the best skin you can have. 

1. Massage yourself everyday

Long, sweeping strokes across your skin will increase blood flow. Your cells need fresh blood constantly to bring in oxygen and nutrients, and to take out the waste. Ample nutrients means healthy collagen, which holds the structure of your skin together. Make sure you are sweeping towards your heart, this helps with your lymphatic drainage.

I use coconut oil with a few drops of lavender after every shower, and every night before bed. But it doesn't always need to be post shower. Using the skin rolling technique any time during the day will work. You will not only improve elasticity, but you will be releasing muscle tension and feel better!

2. Water is not enough; eat protein

I hear a lot about drinking a lot of water, but not a whole lot about ensuring you eat the right foods to maintain your collagen. Collagen is made with proteins, so you need to eat protein. There's a surprise!

How much protein do you need? There are a few different recommendations, but 0.37 grams/pound is standard.  I don't know what percentage of that is strictly for collagen in the skin, but if you are eating enough, your body will worry about the rest.

3. Dry brushing

Read my post on dry brushing. But in short, dry brushing will help you feel amazing, increase blood flow, wake you up, and help you save water! It will also turn things to gold! Just kidding. :)

4. Exercise
 Again, blood flow is super important. Do you really need another article to tell you about exercise and how you should do it??? If you need help getting motivated or getting back on the wagon, read my post on evaluating your long term goals.

That's all, folks! There are hundreds of blogs/articles on this topic, I just wanted to write about a few that perhaps you had not heard of. And don't fool yourself- you can't have 'perfect' skin...whatever that means. 

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