Making rice balls with left over rice

So our church decided that once a month for home group we would just do a casual potluck style get together. Since I was coordinating the ladies bringing the food, I signed myself up for a rice main dish. I did an Italian seasoned brown rice dish, but i basically made about 20 cups of rice worth. 

Tuesday came, we had fun... and I brought home an absurd amount of rice. This normally would not be a problem when you have 4 other human beings to feed, but handling crumbly rice is really not my children's strong suit. And we all know who will have to clean it up off the table...the floor...out of diapers.... moi. Well, in fairness my husband is absolutely amazing at helping me with things, so its not that he wouldn't be helping, its just that 3 out of 4 meals a day he is not he wouldn't be around to help. 

I cannot stand to let food go to waste. I do care about the environment, but really its mostly because it costs money. And its also very inefficient, and I cant stand inefficiency. So I was searching for recipes and found this absolutely fabulous one:
So I got to work with my massive bowl of leftover rice. I actually multiplied the recipe 7x, so instead of having 2 cups of rice, I put 14 in there. WOWZAS. 

And to make things easier, I used my kids' mozarella cheese sticks (I will have some 'splainin' to do). I cut them into tiny chunks.

So I got to squishing the balls away, and realized I don't have bread crumbs...oooooops. So I made them without. I had done about 5 and was pretty pleased with myself. You see, my most surreal memory of frying things at home was when I was a junior in college and my Vietnamese roommate was frying soul food with her North Carolinian boyfriend. There was smoke. There was fire. There was screaming. There was water. There was flour. There was a huge smoke stain on the ceiling. There was nothing said by our landlord about the suspicious marks. So, in contrast, this was going pretty well.

And then....AHHHHHH.....whats this?????

Monstrous bubbles climbing up the pan, memories of the soul food frying scare surfacing....I quickly turned the heat down. I'm pretty sure that bubbles are normal, but then I found out one of my rice balls had broken apart and I think the cheese was making this happen. 

I wondered what would happen if I coated the rice balls in some Italian seasoning, so I did.

A few more, and I was done! The fam absolutely loved them, and I think my kids thought it was cool there was cheese inside of them.

So that was my adventurous experiment with rice balls. I think I will be repeating it in the future, how about you?


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