Phonics for Preschoolers

I wanted to start documenting the ways I am teaching my kids, not only for myself to remember down the road when I need to repeat a grade, but for other home schoolers to draw ideas.

So I came up with this one when my Kindergarten child was well on her way in reading using The Measured Mom readers. I realized that most of my mental energy in the school part of my brain was devoted to nourishing my Kindergarten child's reading journey, while my preschooler played with blocks or animals. While I follow Charlotte Mason's principle of focusing on play the first 6 years, I was also wanting to slip some fun phonics in so my preschooler would have a solid foundation.

Up to thus far, my preschool "curriculum" for phonics consisted of educational videos and reading. These are both really great, but I found that videos were really addicting- for them and for me. It was all too easy to let them watch an hour plus of videos, and they were happy to oblige. They were overstimulated and bored with anything else after videos.

So I came up with this little 'game'. 

I used Dr. Suess's ABC book, and some colored construction paper. You could use any type of ABC book, but I really like this one because of the repetition and big letters.

The gist of the exercise is that the child gets to pick out a letter from the pile, unbeknownst to them, and you get to flip to the page in the book and read them the letter. I think this will really reinforce the presence of the letters forming in their minds. Especially when they are holding a letter in their hands and they are saying it. 
I will conclude the reading with "K says <kuh>" or whatever letter you chose. 
Depending on the child's attention span and how much they are enjoying it, I usually do about 5-10 letters.  
And in terms of frequency during the week, maybe 2x a week would be good, in addition to reading, educational videos, and sensory play.

If you have an older child sitting in, you could ask them to think of as many words as possible that start with this letter. 

That's all there is to it!
What do you do for your preschooler's phonics? What ABC books do you recommend?


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