You Can do Hard Things

It was a Sunday night, and we were all in the girl's room for family worship. After my husband played his guitar and the kids danced around, we decided that we would each choose something to ask God for. We've been on this journey of exploring ways for our kids to cultivate their own faith in God, and we agreed that praying for something that was troubling them or they wanted was a good place to start. 

My husband and I chose the theme of praying for the school year, since we have some big changes ahead of us. 

When it was my oldest's turn, she said that she hoped that there wasn't a lot of work, and things were easy. 

I was all ears when I heard this, as this wasn't an unfamiliar tune. In fact, I recognized it in my daughter because it is something that I do. And whether she caught on in the physical or spiritual to my habit is unknown, but I know we want our kids to know how to work through hard things and not to run from challenges. 

Here and there throughout the year I noticed my daughter was essentially trying to get out of as much work as possible. 

"I'm tired...can I take a break?" after 5 minutes of doodling next to her math problems.

"Can I just do 2 words instead of 10?"

I learned the hard way that persevering through hard work towards the goal was not taught to me. As an adult, I struggled to deal with challenges situations, often feeling like I was drowning in despair. When I realized the deficit I was left with, I knew I not only needed to change for my own destiny, but so I could teach my children this character trait so they could take on their own challenges when they came. 

I also have been avoiding just preaching at my kids, because this does no good. Only God is the one who can truly reveal truth to my kids, and I can only simply open the door. 

I got the idea to use my own art for bible verses a little while back, so I immediately began to think of a special animal picture I could do for her to help her meditate on God's truth. 

It wasn't hard to think of the ant when I tried to find an example of a hard worker. So I got to work with drawing and painting, and finding a suitable bible verse. 

I have yet to put it up, but I know it will be one of many that I do. 

What about you? What ways have been useful in opening the door to allowing God to show your kids things?
Do you struggle with lecturing too???
Please comment and share if this was helpful at all. :)


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