Welcome to Watercolor Conversations!

Hi, I’m Kat! Welcome to my blog! [I am currently RECONSTRUCTING my blog, so if it looks a little strange here and there, or disorganized, sorry for the mess! Hopefully it will look awesome soon!]

This blog is place for moms to have conversations about the stuff that we don’t normally have the space to talk about, but desperately need to. Well, actually, I’m secretly trying to change the world. Sounds very Pollyanna doesn’t it? Or Brain from Pinky and The Brain, depending on how you look at it. You see, I believe that stories have the power to ignite ideas,  and that ideas ignite conversations, and that conversations change the world. And I want to change the world.

As a Jesus-following-homeschooling-fitness coach-turned-artist-mom of 4 young kids, my posts reflect my experiences in said areas. But if that ain’t you, don’t go away! This blog might be for you if you ever find yourself thinking:
Does anybody else struggle with this?
Am I crazy?
I can’t see any solutions in sight…
Why do I struggle with this?
This isn’t working...
I need some new ideas…
I wish somebody else understood...

Or …..
You love stories
You love art
You love discovering new books
You want some general information on how to be healthy and be fit

You want to grow
You want to be challenged
You need to be comforted or encouraged

You won’t find a lot of lists or things to do at the end of my posts. I want my posts to cause my readers to relate and reflect, and respond. So you will find some insightful questions at the end of my posts for you to take with you on your own journey.

But first, a story about how this blog got started.

I initially started this blog in 2011 because I felt a little lost. I had recently become a mom, and I was having trouble grasping the fact that my passion and goals for my career in health and fitness were slipping away from me. It was the combination of boredom of being at home with a newborn, and the frustration that I had skills I wanted to use but couldn’t that led me to blogging. At first I wrote about nutrition and fitness on and off over the course of the next few years. Barely anybody visited my blog, except maybe my mom. Still, I kept writing. As my children got older, I began early childhood education, and that morphed into official homeschooling. So I started including some homeschool posts.  Really I tried to just write about any experience I was having at that given time in my life. But let’s be honest- I was really just hoarding-hoarding my experiences, refusing to let them go without putting them to work. So you’ll find some of those posts. Just say no to hoarding, people.

Anyways, as my fitness career was becoming a distant memory, another ember was twinkling: visual storytelling. As I look back, it’s all clear now. When I was a little girl, I would choreograph dances to songs and write scripts for Thanksgiving and Christmas plays for friends. I loved reading and writing visually descriptive narratives for English class. And after kids, my creativity fueled things like home decor, furniture refurb, and eventually painting. The thing that was a little frustrating was that I had big vision, but inadequate skills or resources to bring those visions to life. Home decor cost money, which we didn’t have on one income. I saw abstract ideas, but I didn’t know how to paint or draw them. I eventually began to practice drawing and painting, improving each time. Some forms of art faded away as I realized they weren’t my thing, but others like painting, sketching, photoshop, writing, and film are in full swing.

So, I share my stories. Stories through art. Stories through words. Stories through film. I share them because they have the ability to speak to those deep desires inside us all that we don’t quite know how to acknowledge, or let out.  I want my own stories to say “you’re not alone” , so you have the courage to acknowledge the things that are holding us back, and the grit to overcome them, but just need somebody to say “you can do this”.

Will you join me on my journey? Will you join the conversation? Let’s change the world together.

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